torsdag 23. juni 2022

A surprise card from Papierelle, Germany

 Hi followers and friends,

Today I feel I have to blog ... 
I want to share my joy and gratitude with you all ....
It started this morning when I was going to check my mailbox. 
There was a letter to me from Germany. A big surprise !!
Inside the envelope I found a gorgeous card from a German blog friend. 
I was so overwhelmed that I burst into tears. Here it is:
Thank you so much Gundula! You made my day!
Hope you all will take time to visit her blog, 
and look at all her amazing cards. You find her here: Papierelle 
Wish you all a fabulous summer!
- Mariann - 


7 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely surprise,Your friend sent you a beautiful card

  2. What a beautiful card Mariann
    A lovely surprise!
    Greetings Martha

  3. Åhh, vilket fint kort du fick av din bloggvän!! Förstår att du blev jätteglad:)
    Kram och ta hand om dig!

  4. Oh my goodness, I did not want. Luckily they were only tears of joy. But now I also have a few tears in my eyes, because I'm happy that you like the card so much and that I triggered such strong feelings in you. I hope my card brings summer to you!! Hugs Gundi

  5. Så fint kort! Förstår att du blev glad och rörd. Så roligt att få.


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